Fixpert is Sally Carson — a Cartoonist, the CEO of Pinoccio, a retired bicycle messenger, advocate for livable cities.

She draws auto-biographical comics about her life, and writes essay on her experience as a first-time startup CEO.

Hey, I'm Sally.

I'm the Head of Product Design and User Research at Duo Security.
I draw cartoons, ride bikes, and hang out with my family.

I follow my heart, which leads me to do countless random things. I created the Los Angeles Bicycle District. I was on MTV once. I used to have special security clearance at the NY Mercantile Exchange. I rode my bike from Canada to Miami in 3 weeks to raise money for Cancer research. My writing and illustrations have been published in MAKE magazine. I helped coordinate a wonderfully difficult 100 mile bike race through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've been to the White House by special invitation from Obama's team. I've given birth, which means I'm a damn hero. I've raced my bike in an olympic velodrome, escaped a riot in Brazil, stole my wallet back from pickpocketers, ollied down a flight of stairs, broken a windshield with my head, and escaped a dangerous rip tide in Malibu, California. These days, I'm much more careful. :)